A place reserved for private and corporate events, which guarantees privacy and at the same time exclusivity.

The event is extremely important, whatever it may be. We know this very well, and we have structured ourselves so as to be able to follow every phase of the organisation with the utmost attention. Whether it’s the graphic design of the invitation, or all the logistical aspects, everything is supported with the expertise every single activity requires. We consider ongoing dialogue with company management to be fundamental for ensuring that all the event’s requirements are respected in terms of form and timing. We are well aware that every company needs its own tailor-made event: this is our mission.

Motivating, creating relationships, stimulating the mind, bringing out talent and leadership; these are dynamic aspects which flow through our DNA.

Our organisational methodology is the result of decades of experience in the field. Experiential methodology is the fulcrum of the activities we regularly organise, and achievement of the objective is fundamental, not negotiable. Each participant becomes the protagonist, but always as a means of providing maximum added value to the team to which he/she belongs. We have a variety of experiences on offer including in outdoor, sporting, culinary and musical contexts. We are bespoke; each experience is tailored to the individual customer’s needs, and their uniqueness is thus guaranteed.